My name is Miyah Ryan and I have a series of blogs on youtube and wordpress related to the Autism Spectrum being that I hold a diagnosis myself

Disney World can be fun place with many neat experiences and memories. For most, it is astronomically expensive and especially for those who are on the spectrum. Yet, I had the opportunity to go. Despite that, I learned a trip like Disney can be lonely.

Andrew Dixon and I did the first autism airport tours of the year and we did a podcast after regarding his experience. Here’s what he had to say about that.

Today autism is looked at as a disease and lots of parents are overly protective of their loved ones. Not only are they protective but they have bad attitudes as well. However, they have a choice like everyone else.

Recently a middle-school aged boy with autism has his desk placed into a bathroom in school.

Friends Consumer

For one living with autism leaving the nest can be a big step. It also means meeting new people. However, these situations can be tricky. So how do you make a friend while living on your own? Find out

Autism Flying High

Recently, airlines and airports have corresponded to autism and are doing tours in order to decrease anxiety and similar issues for individuals. Here in Atlanta CBS did a story.

Autism Independence Academy

There are ways to prepare for independent living as on who is on the spectrum.

Thunberg Tune

Who is Greta Thunberg and why is she so popular? Find out on this podcast

My shared journey of going from special education to college 

Language and Function

With 1 in 68 Individuals on the spectrum and with autism awareness vs acceptance on the rise, people are at war with each other over language identity. Here’s what I have to say about that.